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Wholesale packaging for confectionery

We have all your wholesale packaging for confectionery needs covered from pre-made luxury boxes for sweets and chocolates to your every day sweet bags and everything in between. We are a confectionery wholesaler based in the UK and we provide wholesale packaging supplies for confectionery.

We specialise in wholesale sugar free sweets and liquorice. You can buy from our pre-packed sugar free sweets and liquorice range or from our bulk product range and package them yourself. 

Our range of wholesale packaging for confectionery includes:

Ballotins printed boxes
Ballotins gold boxes
Ballotins white boxes
Bag closures
Bio degradable bags
Cellophane boxes
Cellophane roll
Cellophane bags
Clear bags
Chocolate boxes
Chocolate bags
Craft paper bags
Curling Ribbon


Decorated packaging
Empty boxes
Mini labels
Patterned bags
Pick and Mix bags
Pic and Mix boxes
Printed Ribbons
Sealing tabs
Sheer ribbons
Sweet boxes
Sweet bags
Triangular bags/ sweet cones

A small selection from our wholesale packaging for confectionery:

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