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Wholesale vegan confectionery

Our vegan range is so popular that we added a vegan tab in the navigation menu for your convenience! 

Chocobel is a wholesaler of many different vegan products.

Many of our customers have asked us if we can stock vegan sweets as a wholesaler. Chocobel has responded and as a result we now sell wholesale vegan sweets and other vegan products: vegan chocolate, vegan mints, vegan liquorice, vegan boiled sweets, vegan lollipops, vegan Turkish delight, vegan rock sweets, vegan liquorice roots, vegan gummies and jellies, vegan biscuits and wafers, vegan 100% fruit bars, vegan real fruit snacks, vegan chocolate bars, vegan liquorice mints, bubs vegan sweets and liquorice, vegan liquorice chalks, vegan crystallised ginger and more.

There has been a sharp rise in veganism. It is the lifestyle choice of a large portion of the population. This will inevitably include children within vegan families. Some of the products we sell are ideal for children. Selling vegan products creates new sales opportunities for you.

We are a UK based wholesaler of a wide range of vegan confectionery, including sweets, chocolates and liquorice.  

We are a UK wholesaler of free from and vegan chocolates, sweets and liquorice. You can buy our vegan confectionery pre-packed or in bulk at competitive wholesale prices. 

As a wholesaler we only supply to trade customer. Find out how to place your first order by clicking on the How to order tab

Vegan are one of the many lines we stock, we are a wholesaler of sugar free, no sugar added, sugar reduced products, free from, liquorice, chocolates, sweets and packaging. Please request a copy of our printed brochure now to see our full range of products 

**Please note that we are wholesalers and we supply to trade only.  

Why you need to stock vegan confectionery

Here are a few facts:

 The number of people who have adopted a vegan lifestyle have quadrupled in the UK.

 56% of UK adults have tried vegetarian or meat-free food from January – July 2018.

 In 2018 the UK vegan market was estimated to be worth £740m and is expected to grow to £1.1bn by 2023.

 34% of the British population have reduced their meat consumption.

 Vegan products have risen from 7.1% in 2014 to 22.4% in 2019.

Vegan or Vegetarian

What’s the difference between a vegetarian and a vegan? Understandably, many might be confused, so let’s clear this up right now.

While vegetarian diets have been around for a very long time, as early as 700 BC, and there are several “types” of vegetarian diets, the vegan diet is much more recent, and much more strict.

For instance, while someone following a vegetarian diet would not eat any meat whosoever, being labelled a “vegetarian” is considered more “middle of the road”, because many vegetarians will still eat by-products derived from animals, such as milk, cheese products, and eggs.

On the other hand, someone following a strict “vegan” diet will avoid eating all animal products AND all animal-derived products, and tends to follow more of a compassionate lifestyle choice, believing that animals should have the same rights as humans.

Therefore, someone who is a strict vegan will also avoid the use of animals or animal by-products for clothing, or any other purpose.

Below you can find topics that were covered in a speech I recently heard by a vegan: Can Veganism Save Our World?

We at Chocobel as a wholesaler don’t necessarily all agree or realise the importance (like many other people) of all the mentioned topics in the speech. We have simply stated snippets of the speech.

The Recent Explosion of Veganism

Anyone who is even remotely aware of what is going on in our world today needs to come to the realization that our past agricultural model has a fundamental weakness and has been seriously failing us for a very long time. The bottom line here is that we are literally killing ourselves and our Mother Earth by continuing to consume factory farmed animals.

We all know about “climate change” and cannot continue to blindly look the other way while we carry on making poor choices in the supermarket aisle that continue to feed our addiction to meat.

Is Putting Meat on the Plate Killing Us?

While many may argue that meat is killing us, there is no denying that livestock farming contributes to the degradation of land and pollution of water, deforestation, increase of greenhouse gases and acid rain.

There is also no denying that the production of meat is a highly inefficient use of grain, water and land that takes up approximately 30% f the earth’s surface.

In a world facing growing water constraints, and farming utilizing approximately 92% of our freshwater, how does it make sense to continue with livestock farming that consumes 30% of our total water supply?

More than a billion farmed animals are killed every year in slaughterhouses throughout Great Britain. To put this more in perspective, if the UK population were killed at the same rate farmed animals are slaughtered around the world, it would cease to exist in just 11 hours.

According to a United Nations reports that was published in 2010, in order to save the world from poverty, hunger and impacts on climate change, a major worldwide shift towards a vegan diet is important. In another report in 2019, asking people to eat less dairy products and meat products to contribute to combat climate change.

In the face of rapid social and technological change, if we are to be honest with ourselves and properly concerned about protecting the planet, when thinking about the future of food, and the future of our planet, it’s long since time for the world’s human population to fully embrace a plant-based diet.

The Good Statistics

Over the last 10 years, the British Vegan Society has cited a 360% rise in veganism, and in 2018, the UK launched more vegan products than any nation.

Short of going off the grid, drastically reducing your own personal meat consumption by becoming a vegan is a very effective action an person can take to help reduce green house gas emissions.

If the entire world embraced veganism, greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced by two thirds, which would avoid frightening climate change damages, and lead to $1.5 trillion in healthcare-related savings.

According to Google search, in the 5 years between 2012 and 2017, the vegan trend has quadrupled and it now a lot more interest than gluten free and vegetarian searches.

Also according to Google searches in January 2019, the top ten “most vegan” countries reveal Australia as #1, with the United Kingdom a close #2, followed by New Zealand, Sweden, Canada, Israel, the US, Ireland, Austria and Germany.

As the vegan culture is exploding onto the scene, powered by savvy consumers who no longer ascribe to the out-dated diets of their forefathers, demanding alternate, healthy food choices that no longer include slaughtering innocent animals, many forward thinking companies are listening.

Watch That Sweet Tooth When Embracing Veganism

While you might think that going vegan means eating anything that’s not meat or the result of meat or animal by-products derived from animals, while you would be correct, you need to be aware that many health issues facing both children and adults today are a result of making poor choices when it comes to satisfying a sweet tooth, and these poor choices are resulting in an epidemic increase of chronic disease, such as diabetes.

Therefore, when considering every aspect of the vegan lifestyle, make sure that the store where you buy your sweets has access to a wholesaler of vegan sweets because to be vegan, the sweets must contain no milk, dairy, honey or animal gelatine.

As a result of the huge growth of the vegan lifestyle, today it’s much easier to embrace a healthy, nutrient-rich, plant-based diet, as there are many wholly vegan food choices, and tasty recipes abound that are simple, quick and easy to prepare.

Not only are there many articles being posted about the vegan lifestyle choices, there are now so many easy to find vegan books, guides, cooking classes, and online recipes, and entire aisles in the local market being dedicated to the vegan lifestyle, and you don’t have to give up your sweet tooth, either because there are now online resources where you can buy vegan sweets. Chocobel is a wholesaler and also supplies a large range of vegan sweets to retailers on websites.

While the world still has a long way to go to reverse all the damage we’ve done, many humans today are taking a stand for animals and deciding to opt out of being part of the rampant destruction of the planet, and the global misery of factory farmed animals, by joining the growing numbers who are happily transitioning to a plant-based vegan diet.


A small selection of our wholesale vegan confectionery range: 

Wholesale vegan confectionery, including sweets, Turkish delights, lollies, chocolates and liquorice range available pre-packed

Wholesale bulk vegan sweets, jellies and liquorice

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